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But for now, let's look for prices to again move lower next week as part of this process of attempting to provide a better foundation to again work from moving forward, and hopefully by next week's review we will have a better handle on things to help in drawing up this potential market blueprint.

After a choppy beginning of the week, stocks finally sold off on Thursday and into Friday as the major market indices wound up down by an average of 1.40%, week over week, with the Dow Industrials, NASDAQ Composite and Small Caps leading the way lower, while the Mid Caps were the only area of investment that lost less than 1% for the week.

Highlights for this week include the BSE advance/decline line which moved into new recovery high territory on Monday while the NYSE Preferred advance/decline line continued to buck the overall trend of domestic market activity by doing the same. On the negative side, both the Precious Metals and XAU advance/decline lines continued to make new all time lows on Wednesday as the High Yield advance/decline line remained under downside pressure. Meanwhile, the NYSE Bond CEF advance/decline line moved to new recovery highs on Monday before giving some of that back into the end of the week. Taken together then, it would appear that the markets are playing with idea that the FED will not need to raise short term rates in September, but there is still that possibility of this happening before the end of the year.

Other than that, there wasn't too many noted changes in the trends of money flow from last week, but with the BETS moving back to a reading of -55, we still need to be on guard for continued weakness going into this month's OPEX period that's due on the 21st. Because of this, let's look for another week of choppy, volatile behavior as the bulls and bears battle it out on a short term trending basis, and keep with our current blueprint that the next chance of a tradable low in the markets will likely to come around the middle part of next month.

Have a great trading week!

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