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Taking all this important information into consideration then, let's go ahead and maintain our bullish stance of the last couple of weeks as ride the path of least resistance, while at the same time, looking for reasons why this same stance is no longer appropriate.

It was a bit of a mixed week for equities as the major market indices wound up with a average gain of .70%, week over week, with the broad based New York Composite Index leading the way higher with a gain of 1.50%, while the NASDAQ Composite Index was the weak link in the bullish chain coming in with a loss of .65%.

Looking over our breadth charts array for this week shows very little in the way of analytical changes from the last two weeks as cumulative money flows continue to rise nicely though the Investment Grade Bond and NYSE REIT advance/decline lines did show a small break in their accelerated rising trendlines. However, with the BETS improving nicely to a +40 reading, and the Junk Bond advance/decline line showing continued strength, the short term expectation is for continued strength in stock prices for the next several weeks regardless of what might be in the FED Statement coming next Wednesday. Because of this, let's continue to maintain our bullish posture for now as long as liquidity levels remain ample enough to absorb any bearish ambushes, while watching sector rotation closely as money seeks out areas of undervaluation as the advancing price sequence continues.

Have a great trading week!

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