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Because of this, and the fact that the BETS indicator came in again with a +25 accumulation signal, let's continue to maintain our stance from last week of being friendly toward equities, with the new expectation of a re-initiation of the uptrend to take place after this month's options expiration period this coming Friday, April 15th.

It was another good week for the buyers as the intermediate term trend in the major market indices continues to work itself higher with an average weekly gain of 2.20% from last Friday's close, with the small caps continuing their upside leadership by adding another 3.00% to their total gain of just over 15% since the weekly lows of February the 12th.

Looking over this weeks chart array finds that the NYSE Composite advance/decline line has now joined the NYSE Bond CEF, NYSE Preferred and NYSE REIT advance/decline lines into new all time high territory. We also see that both the Investment Grade and Junk Bond advance/decline lines continue to add to their exceptional cumulative money flow values of the last two months as all areas of the domestic equity markets were bought this past week. Even better news came from the international markets where all had a strong week as well with important trendline breakouts in prices being seen by all. Add to this the continued buoyancy that we've witnessed in the precious metals asset class, and it would appear that our expectation back in March of a more important tradable low in equities to occur sometime at the beginning of April seems to have come to pass.

With all that said, however, the BETS indicator continues to meander sideways with another +25 "accumulation/protective stops" reading for the 3rd straight week, but when we dig deeper into the cumulative charts themselves, we see that we are on the edge of moving to bullish configurations in five other charts within the next 7 to 10 trading days which would put us in a better position to take a more aggressive stance in our accumulations. Taking all this important information into consideration then, let's go ahead and maintain our bullish stance of the last couple of weeks as ride the path of least resistance, while at the same time, looking for reasons why this same stance is no longer appropriate.

Have a great trading week!

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