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Strip clubs have been hot recently.  Here are the charts of the two players in that field.

Rick has by far been the hotter of the two with a huge insider purchase in the low 20s.  That's unusual considering how far the stock had run up at the time of the purchase.  I've stayed away from this one because it has been way overbought and I didn't like the fundamentals compared to VCG which I own.

I mentioned VCG last week on that other forum and said it has been hamstrung by its listing on the AMEX.  Since then they have announced they will be moving to the NASDAQ Global market effective 12/27 and its new symbol will be VCGH.   RICK moved to the NASDAQ Global market in late August and look how its stock has done since that time.  Believe it or not, there are some very compelling fundamentals in the strip club business primarily how accretive acquisitions are in this framented industry. 

I also posted about my passion for coal in that other forum. The fundamentals for coal are about as good as they have been in the past 20 years, mainly due to India, China, and now Europe. I had thought coal stocks would be the fertilizer stocks of 2008.  But their run over the past three weeks has been wondering how much will be left in their tank for 2008.  My two favorites are JRCC and CNX

Be very aware though JRCC and CNX are now overbought, especially JRCC.  Except for NCOC (a real undiscovered gem in this sector) which got away from me and is now the most overbought of any in the coal sector, I own every stock in this sector - MEE, ANR, FCL, ACI, and even my two least favorites WLT and BTU.  (EDIT:   Forgot to mention PCX a recent coal spinoff from BTU) I also have a stock that manufactures coal buckets - JOYG.  Another coal bucket manufacturer I don't own because of its volatility on down days is BUCY.  I really like coal but do your own due diligence and be aware of their moves over the past few weeks.  Always have a get-out point if your positions run against you. I try to increase on down days, and even more so on two consecutive down days, instead of my normal procedure of increasing on up days. 

Here's a stock I own,  but Cramer mentioned it tonight and not sure how that might impact it very short term.  Sometimes Cramer is very right-on but sometimes not such as last week when he suggested to sell all coal stocks.  Some of them have really moved up since his sale recommendation notably JRCC and NCOC.

I like HINT because of its insider buying and potential growth in the worldwide construction business and of course its chart action.

Lastly, my favorite among the tight rising channel stocks is CRL.  However I am reluctant to increase anymore here, even on down days.  One problem with these type of stocks is even the slightest of negative news such as an analyst downgrade from buy to hold can send these stocks reeling.  On the other hand, how these type of stocks react to such downgrades can also be very telling such as when they gap down sharply lower and then close unchanged or even higher on the day or if they rise the day or two after such downgrades wiping out the downgrade day loss.


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