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on Friday, reached an intraday high above the all-time high....the move above the 21 ema was posted here some days ago
PnF breakout on Friday, has been a pick for a while...the previous PnF breakout was posted here
in pullback mode...note the trend on weekly chart

new all-time highs this week

from 12/1 -

Silverleaf Resorts responds to recent trading activity (SVL) 2.69 -0.01: In view of the recent unusually high trading activity in SVL, the co has issued the following statement: "While the Company's general policy is not to comment on unusual market activity, the Company knows of no corporate reason for the recent trading volume of its stock."

Stocks posting the largest percentage gain over the last 30 days include: PWEI +147%, CNTF +91%, QGLY +91%, STAK +83%, OLED +77%, CAAS +71%, ANAD +67%, UTSI +63%, SNBT +62%, IIJI +60%, CESV +55%, CPHD +54%, CPTS +52%, ABGX +50%, BIOS +50%, NMTI +50%, CMED +49%, NYNY +49%
testing the downtrend line shown on the PnF
$19.50 is the all-time high
note the highs from 2000 reached this week, and note the industry and size of the float
note the price level from 1997 being tested.....PnF Bullish Triangle breakout on 12/1 ....article about avian flu protection product -
note the downtrend line on the PnF
has been moving up ever since news in early Nov......advance has stalled at the resistance visible on the PnF
in pullback mode after testing the early IPO price range
note downtrend line on PnF
consistent trend in play and challenging the downtrend line on the PnF
note resistance about $1 above
pullback to initial support

moved above the PnF downtrend line a few weeks ago
triple bottom in play....a natural gas royalty trust
closed Friday above the 50 sma


Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it'll always get you the right ones. - John Lennon


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Excellent stuff, as usual.  Thank you. You listed many that I have been watching and/or trading.  Here are a few more that I've been keeping an eye on.

because it has been recently discussed by some of the folks here.



From stocks that you have listed, some recent (or fairly recent) insider purchases:

this one Gary might like --> a lot of purchasing near the highs




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Thanks Hiker and Gman, some really nice charts.  Of the bunch, my favorites visually on the charts are WSO and DGIN.   WSO had a large insider purchase recently and I had planned on getting into it but never did.  STAK looks interesting. Lots of insider buys, albeit very small.  Earnings and revenue growth or some kind of story are important to me in selecting something in a tight rising channel and that one seems to be fit the bill there too. 


Take a look at EME below.  It's another one that is visually a picture perfect chart and something I will probably get into this coming week.



Can't figure out how to post more than one chart here but take the time to look at ASGN.  Persistent insider buying and probably about as perfect as they come visually.  Believe it or not, this was a loser for me two weeks ago.

May have to try this one again but I have trouble with anything under $20.  I do well with the high priced ones like a GOOG or ACL but not very good with the low priced ones like ASGN.  STAK at a even lower price could be a real challenge for me too.


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CAAS - included in the chart list above

Is up 50% today on a large volume spike. Sell resistance for the time being may be called for....see the resistance at $11 and above on the weekly chart:

today's high was 5 cents below the 52-week high.


Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it'll always get you the right ones. - John Lennon

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