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Small point changes on most of the MCO's today. Expect a big move in the next 1-2 days. With op ex Friday, no big surprise. The full stoch of NYMO suggests a higher probability for upside rather than downside, but don't bet the farm. Nibbling here. copy and paste link to browser.$NYMO&p=D&st=2005-10-01&id=p62603110752&a=14317472&listNum=5



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The full stoch of NYMO suggests a higher probability for upside rather than downside

Thanks for the heads up Doc.

And for the record, crossover buy signals were generated today.

Piece by piece....


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No problem, Fib. You've been gracious enough to teach. As time passes, hopefully you'll have a small clan of students keeping an eye on all sorts of things for the group. Here's a small addition to the chart. On any day other than the current day where the point change in NYMO is listed, sometimes it is hard to tell looking back if a particular day was a "small point change" or not. I have added average true range (ATR) with a value of (1) and a horizontal line of (4.5) at the bottom of your chart so you can at a glance, see where all the spc's have been. This became possible when ATR was added to the stockcharts armamentarium. Just a clever use of a tool other than what it was intended for.


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