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While most of the institutions are away, this retail driven nickel and dime trading is a good opportunity to short imo.

The day before and after the thanksgiving are historically positive and I think within the next couple of days, perhaps the day after the thanksgivin , the indices could open down (large one) and never look back.

From my past experiences, this is the usual case for these type of technical situations.

Yes it is drifting and very stresfull to be short, not because there is a move in place, but because it is not moving at all.


In other words, QQQQ is up 25 cents from Nov 18 high, NDX is up 10 points from Nov 18 high of 1690. This means , just about a 10 points gap down will trap those who bot during the last 4 trading days.


Good trading and happy thanksgivin to everyone


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