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Hi Tom, i remember a few months back a discussion of yours (probably at the TT board) where you described a particular setup for NYSI that increases the possibility of a "crash type" event.Specifically, a declining NYSI reaches the zero value of balance between inflows and outflows; then the bulls attempt another infuse, that takes NYSI towards the 400 level, but they ultimately fail and the reduced liquidity support of the prices opens up the door for a crash type event.Wouldn't you say we are following the script pretty well so far, at this point?Are you seeing something different, given your recent bullish bias?

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I'm not a McClellan subscriber, but I get the free occasional emails. 

I recall this article from last month: which describes the +500 area (ratio-adjusted summation) as an area to watch.  

I recall Fib describing this yrs ago when I was available to participate in the chats. I miss those chats... but my work / overseas timezone currently interfere

Fwiw, here's a really short synopsis from another source...

Everything in context...

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