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Nice trading week but can't take all that much credit.  Kudos to Cramer who put the bug in my ear Monday night when he hyped coal.  I looked at the charts and liked the fact they were in tight rising channels but most still way off their 52 week highs.  I much prefer that pattern.  I then waited for a down day. BTU is my largest position in the sector.  One below I don't own is JRCC.  I took a long hard look at that one but passed. Dumb me.

Select TV stations, a former hot sector turned cold,  had a great week after announcements of looking at strategic alternatives.

My two favorites outside of the coal sector.

As for the market, another great COT report and not just in the large S&P contract.  Disbelief still reigns supreme.  This forum with Dave aka Fib, Randy aka Mortiz, Johnny aka jmicou, and Zen aka Jerkstore have been all over this bull market.  Great work.


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cost of coal vs. oil

coal sector directory for investment ideas

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