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The dow sure made an impressive stand today, especially in the last couple hours, and in light of thursday's and friday's weakness. Might this portend a short-term reversal of the type that Gary Smith gave many examples of in "How I Trade For A Living"?


If so, sectors represented by some of today's leading ETFs - BBH (biotech), PPH (pharamceuticals), XLV & IYH (healthcare), RWR & ICF (real estate) may be interesting to watch in the next couple days.


EWJ (japan) has also held up relatively well.


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Sique,  now that I trade individual equities, I don't pay as much attention as I should to my overall market patterns.  Another reason, is In 2003, my 1% true sell pattern was a disappointment.  It did work well Thursday and the Friday to Monday sell pattern also worked well in most of the indexes.  I'm not sure about today being a Monday reversal since it was pretty much a down market in all the indexes other than the Dow.  Although I did some light buying today, it is hard to get too aggressive in this dangerous market. 


As for stocks, as I posted on that commercial site,  some of the stocks that held like rocks and rose the past three days were JTX, JOBS, ALCO, and HLF.  HLF is my favorite of the bunch.  Although down, I also like LVS in gaming and also in that sector the plodder HET. 

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