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Some of these stocks mentioned in the  weekend thread have had nice moves this week ala  PPDI, CVD, and CRL.  These stocks do contract drug testing for biotech companies.  If anything they are a tad overbought.  The fourth one below, IVGN,  wasn't mentioned in the previous thread and not as overbought.

Here s a stock I purchased today and looking to get heavier,  SQNM.  They have a contract testing division and a really nice chart pattern.  Additionally, it's not overbought and the last insider activity was a buy.

You can post stock selections and charts all day long but what really counts isn't how well you pick stocks but how well you trade them.  FCN has been a favorite of mine for sometime now, but my trading of it has been mediocre at best.  An analyst downgrade Monday hurt the stock and bummed me out so much that I made a very emotional trade that day in another stock I had mentioned this weekend, SUNH.  Emotional due to the fact that I went way overboard in the number of shares purchased.  I know as well as anyone that emotional trades rarely work out in the real world.  This one hopefully will be the exception since Wednesday it had a nice surge up with no news on 5 to 6 times its average daily volume.  Sometime this year I am looking for this stock to be taken over.

SUNH is a combo growth, value, amd momentum stock all rolled into one.  One thing I am trying to change in my trading is to buy favored  stocks 6% to 7% or more off recent 52 week highs and preferably when they are negative intraday.   That seems to work much better for me than buying stocks breaking out to new 52 week highs and/or up intraday.  At least when I bought SUNH Monday it fit that criteria and the SQNM purchased today also fit the bill.

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