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2016-05-24 16:00:24 fib1618: good day
2016-05-24 16:00:26 fib1618: how is everyone?
2016-05-24 16:02:30 thespookyone: Great, thx
2016-05-24 16:02:34 thespookyone: And you?
2016-05-24 16:03:04 fib1618: doing fire and dandy
2016-05-24 16:04:50 fib1618: OK...any questions or comments before we get started??
2016-05-24 16:05:39 fib1618: I must was a great call by the group on Thursday...tip of the cap to all
2016-05-24 16:05:51 thespookyone: sure was
2016-05-24 16:06:21 fib1618: and that's why we do this...more heads and eyes are better than one and two
2016-05-24 16:06:33 thespookyone: very true
2016-05-24 16:06:34 fib1618: OK...let's get SC up and get started
2016-05-24 16:09:05 fib1618: after moving back by a small point change on Monday
2016-05-24 16:09:14 fib1618: the NYSE CO breadth MCO moved sharply higher today
2016-05-24 16:09:20 fib1618: and has now snapped back to its zero line
2016-05-24 16:09:29 fib1618: with a reading of +3
2016-05-24 16:09:45 fib1618: and with this move today
2016-05-24 16:10:03 fib1618: we have also taken out our blip resistance areas that we've looking at over the last 3 weeks
2016-05-24 16:10:23 fib1618: so, minimally, we now have a confirmation of a short term lows in prices
2016-05-24 16:10:48 fib1618: taking ruler to monitor
2016-05-24 16:11:14 fib1618: and we also broke above the declining tops line that's been controlling the NYA pattern since the late April highs
2016-05-24 16:11:30 fib1618: so a couple of things here
2016-05-24 16:11:43 fib1618: we pretty much hit our downside price target of 10,100 last week
2016-05-24 16:11:59 fib1618: had a hammer stick that same day
2016-05-24 16:12:16 fib1618: and after a reflex pop on Friday
2016-05-24 16:12:20 fib1618: and consolidation on Monday
2016-05-24 16:12:32 fib1618: we had a continuation price move today, with a gap above resistance
2016-05-24 16:12:38 fib1618: as a chartist
2016-05-24 16:12:56 fib1618: this is shows us that an important pattern low has been made
2016-05-24 16:13:08 fib1618: now, internally
2016-05-24 16:13:25 fib1618: we have yet to show upside leadership in the CO MCO
2016-05-24 16:13:58 fib1618: but today's break above blip resistance allowed prices to also break above the pressure being put on by the sellers
2016-05-24 16:14:01 fib1618: and up we went
2016-05-24 16:14:29 fib1618: with this upside break
2016-05-24 16:14:55 fib1618: we now have enough energy to reach the price highs of mid May
2016-05-24 16:15:06 fib1618: of around 10,475
2016-05-24 16:15:23 fib1618: or another 125 points from current levels
2016-05-24 16:16:01 fib1618: we move from this juncture will help us in determining both the potential strength and the longevity of any trend that might develop from current levels
2016-05-24 16:16:15 fib1618: looking at the CO components
2016-05-24 16:16:27 fib1618: and we also generated a crossover buy signal today
2016-05-24 16:17:24 fib1618: though we do need some additional back and fill before there will be enough texture for prices to find internal support
2016-05-24 16:17:40 fib1618:'s just one step of several still yet to be seen
2016-05-24 16:17:51 fib1618: moving to the NYSE Composite breadth MCO
2016-05-24 16:18:10 fib1618: and here too we have now snapped back to or toward its zero line
2016-05-24 16:18:17 fib1618: with today's reading coming in at a -3
2016-05-24 16:18:33 fib1618: and unlike the CO MCO
2016-05-24 16:19:03 fib1618: the Composite MCO has yet to break above the important blip resistance level seen on May 2nd
2016-05-24 16:19:08 fib1618: no less the zero line
2016-05-24 16:19:17 fib1618: so although today was constructive
2016-05-24 16:19:38 fib1618: the buyers still have some work to do before we can say we have a confirmed low
2016-05-24 16:19:50 fib1618: and with the CO leading
2016-05-24 16:20:03 fib1618: some sort of reset is likely to be seen before this actually takes place
2016-05-24 16:20:19 fib1618: further evidence of a non confirmation
2016-05-24 16:20:29 fib1618: comes with the NYSE Composite components
2016-05-24 16:20:45 fib1618: which remain in a negative crossover configuration
2016-05-24 16:21:14 fib1618: so between the two charts
2016-05-24 16:21:31 fib1618: much of today was likely heavily tilted toward short covering
2016-05-24 16:21:41 fib1618: with very little fresh money coming in
2016-05-24 16:21:55 fib1618: something of which we thought probable last Thursday to occur
2016-05-24 16:22:31 fib1618: good power move to the upside today in the NASDAQ breadth MCO
2016-05-24 16:22:48 fib1618: with a strong crossover buy signal in the components
2016-05-24 16:24:09 fib1618: and this push cleared us above the trading range in prices
2016-05-24 16:24:35 fib1618: we also have enough energy now to challenge the highs at 4950
2016-05-24 16:25:11 fib1618: where...we have to watch for an SOB behavior that might pop up if the broader market stalls going into next week
2016-05-24 16:26:35 fib1618: good foundational structure in the NASDAQ breadth MCO from last week should hold any technical snapback that we may see to or toward the zero line in the coming days
2016-05-24 16:27:12 fib1618: after failing to move above the zero line over the last couple of days
2016-05-24 16:27:22 fib1618: the NDX breadth MCO exploded higher today
2016-05-24 16:28:00 fib1618: taking out the previous topping points we see going back to early April
2016-05-24 16:28:16 fib1618: great texture in the structure as well
2016-05-24 16:28:41 fib1618: and it now looks like that this MCO will be above its zero line for the next 3-4 weeks
2016-05-24 16:29:01 fib1618: also got a crossover component buy signal today
2016-05-24 16:29:30 fib1618: and this will help the NDX breadth MCSUM in holding its zero line support
2016-05-24 16:29:50 fib1618: upside target now for the NDX is the 4550 level
2016-05-24 16:30:19 fib1618: and if the NASDAQ and NDX volume MCO's are continuing to lead here
2016-05-24 16:30:37 fib1618: we should see prices reaching the 4700 level
2016-05-24 16:30:48 fib1618: we'll look at that a little later
2016-05-24 16:31:11 fib1618: upside breakout as well in the SPX
2016-05-24 16:31:39 fib1618: though the SPX breadth MCO has some work still yet to do to secure our price lows
2016-05-24 16:32:15 fib1618: noting here as well that our downside price target of 2020 was just missed last Thursday before reversing
2016-05-24 16:32:40 fib1618: so things *look* OK for now...but it will be important that we see upside follow through by Thursday to get the confirmation we're looking for
2016-05-24 16:33:12 fib1618: we got a crossover buy on the SPX components
2016-05-24 16:34:06 fib1618: and we also minimally broke above the declining tops line today that's been controlling the SPX MCO pattern since early March
2016-05-24 16:34:34 fib1618: so if our expectation from 2 weeks ago that we would have a tradable bottom by the 2nd week of June is still valid
2016-05-24 16:34:56 fib1618: we should see challenges and breaks above our resistance levels over the next week
2016-05-24 16:35:12 fib1618: starting with the zero line
2016-05-24 16:35:16 fib1618: and then the mid May peak
2016-05-24 16:35:49 fib1618: with things really getting good for the buyers on any break above the mid April SPX MCO highs
2016-05-24 16:36:14 fib1618: snapback to the zero line also complete on the OEX breadth MCO
2016-05-24 16:36:30 fib1618: at this point
2016-05-24 16:36:49 fib1618: it will be important for both the SPX and OEX to break above this same mid April peak
2016-05-24 16:37:15 fib1618: otherwise a ledge is going to develop in both of the breadth MCSUM's
2016-05-24 16:37:23 fib1618: and since ledges are created to fall off from
2016-05-24 16:37:35 fib1618: and that they occur near the end of a selling wave
2016-05-24 16:38:17 fib1618: the expectation would probably be "healthier" if we did have the ledge...and then a final washout...maybe next week(?)
2016-05-24 16:39:03 fib1618: moving to the Dow price chart
2016-05-24 16:39:09 fib1618: and we did not move above resistance today
2016-05-24 16:39:31 fib1618: with the Dow breadth MCO is still quite weak on a relative basis
2016-05-24 16:39:55 fib1618: this would suggest that we probably have another shoe to drop before we actually see the price lows secured
2016-05-24 16:40:33 fib1618: and this will give the Dow breadth MCSUM the opportunity to complete its move back down to its zero line
2016-05-24 16:41:13 fib1618: even the Dow components are not that much to write home about either
2016-05-24 16:41:23 fib1618: so let's not get too excited here
2016-05-24 16:41:52 fib1618: better news with the MID breadth MCO
2016-05-24 16:41:58 fib1618: as it not only broke above its zero line
2016-05-24 16:42:12 fib1618: and its blip resistance areas today
2016-05-24 16:42:41 fib1618: but it also broke above its declining tops line going back to the early March highs
2016-05-24 16:43:15 fib1618: we have a solid bottom there as prices hit our downside target of 1420 right on the money
2016-05-24 16:44:21 fib1618: so let's look for a challenge of the 1485 level
2016-05-24 16:44:31 fib1618: nice move today...up a whopping 1.75%
2016-05-24 16:45:29 fib1618: the same upside breaks that we saw in the MID took place in the SML breadth MCO today
2016-05-24 16:46:02 fib1618: so a challenge of the 705/710 levels look doable there
2016-05-24 16:46:34 fib1618: and the TM breadth MCO barely made it above its zero line today
2016-05-24 16:47:12 fib1618: but it was enough to finish above both the blip resistance level and the declining tops line
2016-05-24 16:47:33 fib1618: and there was a crossover buy signal today in the TM MCO components
2016-05-24 16:47:39 fib1618: so...
2016-05-24 16:47:46 fib1618: it was a good day for the buyers
2016-05-24 16:48:07 fib1618: but we're missing an "all for one, one for all" foundation
2016-05-24 16:48:26 fib1618: though with the secondary issues that trade on the NASDAQ
2016-05-24 16:48:35 fib1618: and the MID and SML caps leading higher
2016-05-24 16:48:52 fib1618: once we get the large caps to get with the program
2016-05-24 16:49:28 fib1618: the bulls will then be more successful in producing an rising trend in prices
2016-05-24 16:50:33 fib1618: just took a quick scan of the sectors
2016-05-24 16:50:48 fib1618: and the only one that's not only leading, but it's also the strongest is...
2016-05-24 16:50:54 fib1618: the XLK...Tech
2016-05-24 16:51:18 fib1618: the rest barely made it to or are still under their MCO zero lines
2016-05-24 16:51:39 fib1618: OK...volume
2016-05-24 16:51:59 fib1618: oh Lord
2016-05-24 16:52:03 fib1618: sigh
2016-05-24 16:52:05 fib1618: nothing
2016-05-24 16:52:22 fib1618: the NYSE CO and Composite volume MCO's remain below their zero lines
2016-05-24 16:52:51 fib1618: though the pattern structures remain constructive
2016-05-24 16:53:17 fib1618: our reference of the complex bottoming formation from last week now looks to be building strength
2016-05-24 16:53:33 fib1618: but they are not at all agreeing with today's readings in the breadth MCO's
2016-05-24 16:54:04 fib1618: so...this helps assure us that we still don't have enough fuel below us for prices to trend
2016-05-24 16:54:13 mojave: I think yesterday was lowest volume day of '16
2016-05-24 16:54:19 fib1618: but the structures do suggest an important bottom is in place
2016-05-24 16:54:24 fib1618: wow
2016-05-24 16:54:28 fib1618: didn't notice
2016-05-24 16:54:42 mojave: today obviously better
2016-05-24 16:54:44 fib1618: well, so far
2016-05-24 16:54:57 fib1618: today was part of a classic reflex rally
2016-05-24 16:55:27 fib1618: and we now need volume plurality to pick up a bit before we can say that we're out of the woods in total
2016-05-24 16:55:35 fib1618: minimally speaking
2016-05-24 16:55:38 fib1618: (so far)
2016-05-24 16:55:55 fib1618: we have a price floor for a trading range
2016-05-24 16:56:14 fib1618: well...
2016-05-24 16:56:21 fib1618: which also brings up another idea
2016-05-24 16:56:27 fib1618: this could very well be
2016-05-24 16:56:30 fib1618: with the low volume
2016-05-24 16:56:52 fib1618: and how volume plurality is lagging breadth at current prices levels
2016-05-24 16:57:12 fib1618: this could be right shoulder of a complex inverted head and shoulders pattern on the NYA daily
2016-05-24 16:57:35 fib1618: if you look at the symmetry between the current structure
2016-05-24 16:57:49 fib1618: and the pattern from the November highs
2016-05-24 16:57:56 fib1618: if this was a right shoulder
2016-05-24 16:58:03 fib1618: we would test the highs of November
2016-05-24 16:58:13 fib1618: pull back from this neckline
2016-05-24 16:58:19 fib1618: and then power higher after that
2016-05-24 16:58:36 fib1618: let me check the daily volume sec
2016-05-24 16:59:42 fib1618: could very well be
2016-05-24 16:59:51 fib1618: if you bring up a daily chart of the NYA
2016-05-24 16:59:56 fib1618: and apply our trinity EMA's to the chart
2016-05-24 17:00:32 fib1618: you will see that the left shoulder found resistance at the 200 day EMA before moving sharply lower to create the head
2016-05-24 17:00:42 fib1618: with the right shoulder moving above this same resistance
2016-05-24 17:00:55 fib1618: and then recently finding support at the 200 day EMA
2016-05-24 17:01:09 fib1618: the volume pattern also supports this idea
2016-05-24 17:01:19 fib1618: with higher than average volume on the left shoulder
2016-05-24 17:01:24 fib1618: peak volume at the head
2016-05-24 17:01:35 fib1618: and then lower than average volume all during this run up for the right shoulder
2016-05-24 17:02:03 fib1618: so we'll call the neckline at 10,600
2016-05-24 17:02:27 fib1618: and, for fun, any break about the 10,600 level
2016-05-24 17:02:54 fib1618: with higher than average volume to confirm the break above the neckline
2016-05-24 17:03:17 fib1618: is good for about 1600 NYA points on the target objective
2016-05-24 17:03:25 fib1618: or 12,200
2016-05-24 17:03:56 thespookyone: sweet
2016-05-24 17:03:59 fib1618: on the bearish side
2016-05-24 17:04:09 fib1618: if we fail to move above the November highs
2016-05-24 17:04:24 fib1618: this would then set off an irregular SOB structure
2016-05-24 17:04:55 fib1618: with an approximate downside target of 7400
2016-05-24 17:05:04 fib1618: so, either way
2016-05-24 17:05:20 fib1618: we are likely entering one of those "sweet spots" in the larger pattern
2016-05-24 17:05:45 fib1618: one would think with liquidity as ample as it is right now
2016-05-24 17:05:57 fib1618: the first idea would be on the front burner
2016-05-24 17:06:23 fib1618: but we also have to be fair and look at both sides of the coin so that we remain balanced as well
2016-05-24 17:06:36 thespookyone: why do your friends at the Fed keep doing massive jawboning?
2016-05-24 17:06:56 fib1618: I keep trying to tell them to keep quiet
2016-05-24 17:07:07 thespookyone: oh man
2016-05-24 17:07:19 fib1618: but I wouldn't be surprised that this is some type of ruse to keep the majority from participating
2016-05-24 17:07:32 fib1618: moving to the NASDAQ volume MCO
2016-05-24 17:07:35 fib1618: OH MAN!
2016-05-24 17:07:49 fib1618: much for scenarios!
2016-05-24 17:07:54 thespookyone: how can they really raise? This economy is very weak, and they know it
2016-05-24 17:08:03 fib1618: great power move to the upside in the NASDAQ volume MCO
2016-05-24 17:08:12 fib1618: and it's leading breadth nicely
2016-05-24 17:08:20 fib1618: they're not going to raise
2016-05-24 17:08:26 fib1618: it's an election year
2016-05-24 17:08:29 fib1618: and frankly
2016-05-24 17:08:44 fib1618: all this talk of "promises to be kept" is just a bunch of hogwash
2016-05-24 17:09:06 fib1618: new home sales though were good today
2016-05-24 17:09:19 fib1618: so at least if you have a home you *feel rich*
2016-05-24 17:09:56 fib1618: and a stronger move today in the NDX volume MCO
2016-05-24 17:10:06 fib1618: as it reached the +59 level
2016-05-24 17:10:30 fib1618: these were our leaders last week that kept us from becoming too bearish
2016-05-24 17:11:15 fib1618: and we have to thank Mike (Mojave) for bringing this up in the room on Thursday
2016-05-24 17:11:47 thespookyone: props, Mike
2016-05-24 17:12:21 fib1618: we'll also note that we found bull market technical support in the NDX volume MCSUM at just above the -250 level
2016-05-24 17:12:52 fib1618: so a we have a buy signal there
2016-05-24 17:13:42 fib1618: and taking a quick look at Apple
2016-05-24 17:14:04 fib1618: it's now gained 8 points since our mention of a possible low there 2 weeks ago
2016-05-24 17:14:44 mojave: {teamwork}
2016-05-24 17:14:45 fib1618: the SPX volume MCO is in sync with its breadth cousin to the upside
2016-05-24 17:14:48 fib1618: yes sir
2016-05-24 17:15:17 fib1618: and notice that we're in the process in trying to hold support at the +250 level of the SPX volume MCSUM
2016-05-24 17:15:53 fib1618: sure would like to see a take out of the late April peak in the MCO though to make me feel more comfortable
2016-05-24 17:16:10 fib1618: but with the power we're seeing in the NASDAQ and NDX volume data
2016-05-24 17:16:21 fib1618: that should take place sooner than later
2016-05-24 17:17:18 fib1618: we see that last week's strong textural pattern in the OEX volume MCO has led to it taking out resistance now
2016-05-24 17:18:00 fib1618: but we'll still need to see a move above the +50 level before there's a chance to match or move above the all time highs in prices
2016-05-24 17:18:35 fib1618: still...this is good to see as we approach zero line support on the OEX volume MCSUM
2016-05-24 17:18:49 fib1618: and the Dow volume MCO is also looking good here
2016-05-24 17:18:54 fib1618: so volume is leading breadth
2016-05-24 17:18:58 fib1618: that's highly constructive
2016-05-24 17:19:17 fib1618: and then we get to the MID volume MCO
2016-05-24 17:19:33 fib1618: and all we get is a zero line test
2016-05-24 17:19:56 fib1618: but we did cross above the declining tops line
2016-05-24 17:20:08 fib1618: and we're holding the zero line on the MID volume MCSUM
2016-05-24 17:20:12 fib1618: so it's not all bad
2016-05-24 17:20:41 fib1618: but volume is sorely lacking in the SML volume MCO
2016-05-24 17:21:01 fib1618: as it finished today at a +1
2016-05-24 17:21:24 fib1618: and when we look at the TM volume MCO
2016-05-24 17:21:47 fib1618: we're just above our first natural resistance area of +25 with a +26 reading
2016-05-24 17:22:01 fib1618: given how the SML and MID are doing here
2016-05-24 17:22:15 fib1618: one would think that we have at least one day of weakness coming near term
2016-05-24 17:22:23 fib1618: and with it
2016-05-24 17:22:38 fib1618: a snapback to or toward the TM MCO zero line
2016-05-24 17:22:41 fib1618: so...
2016-05-24 17:22:47 fib1618: a mixed picture of sorts
2016-05-24 17:22:59 fib1618: where all of the cylinders are pumping fuel
2016-05-24 17:23:08 fib1618: but we have a couple that are misfiring
2016-05-24 17:23:26 fib1618: and this will keep prices from running away to the least for now
2016-05-24 17:23:49 fib1618: overall, given the crosscurrents were seeing in the large caps on the breadth side
2016-05-24 17:23:56 fib1618: and the mid and small caps on the volume side
2016-05-24 17:24:06 fib1618: today was more of a counter trend move
2016-05-24 17:24:50 fib1618: with the high expectation that the price lows shown last Thursday will hold on any further price decay we might see moving forward for the next 4-6 weeks
2016-05-24 17:24:56 fib1618: for the buyers
2016-05-24 17:25:04 fib1618: they now need more "power"
2016-05-24 17:25:11 fib1618: and it needs to be more uniform
2016-05-24 17:25:17 fib1618: because of this
2016-05-24 17:25:50 fib1618: we will likely see one or two resets between breadth and price before any tradable price lows are seen
2016-05-24 17:25:58 fib1618: so we take it one day at a time
2016-05-24 17:26:03 fib1618: let's look at the OBV's
2016-05-24 17:26:39 fib1618: CVI's are climactic across the board
2016-05-24 17:26:50 fib1618: so let's look for a price top in the next two trading sessions
2016-05-24 17:27:24 fib1618: and we'll call the STVO's and VTO's neutral
2016-05-24 17:27:41 fib1618: except for the Dow VTO which remains on the "oversold" side
2016-05-24 17:28:01 fib1618: NYSE TRIN at 1.11
2016-05-24 17:28:11 fib1618: Open 10 at 1.10
2016-05-24 17:28:16 fib1618: "oversold"
2016-05-24 17:28:28 fib1618: NASDAQ TRIN at .73
2016-05-24 17:28:32 fib1618: short covering
2016-05-24 17:28:52 fib1618: and we can bet it was heavily focused in the Tech stocks
2016-05-24 17:29:06 fib1618: Open 10 at .89
2016-05-24 17:29:09 fib1618: neutral
2016-05-24 17:29:20 fib1618: TM TRIN at .78
2016-05-24 17:29:29 fib1618: Open 10 at .95
2016-05-24 17:29:32 fib1618: so...
2016-05-24 17:29:57 fib1618: we have enough fuel currently to run prices up the highs seen in April
2016-05-24 17:30:05 fib1618: but not much more than that
2016-05-24 17:30:24 fib1618: the exception here is with the NASDAQ, and especially the NDX
2016-05-24 17:30:41 fib1618: which are now showing strong impulsive moves to the upside (thrusts)
2016-05-24 17:30:59 fib1618: and this instructs us that we have seen important lows in those price pattern structures
2016-05-24 17:31:10 fib1618: important in that they should not be broken
2016-05-24 17:31:14 fib1618: and if they are
2016-05-24 17:31:26 fib1618: we will then have a whole new animal to work with
2016-05-24 17:31:31 fib1618: for now
2016-05-24 17:31:36 fib1618: "hit and run" remains our focus
2016-05-24 17:31:59 fib1618: as we allow the market to work off its "oversold" condition that was generated from last week
2016-05-24 17:32:19 fib1618: and, at this time, consider this the reflex rally that we were likely to see from last week
2016-05-24 17:32:26 fib1618: if the MCO's continue to improve on Wednesday
2016-05-24 17:33:18 fib1618: then we can start focusing our interest on both the timing and the likely area where prices should begin to see trending characteristics
2016-05-24 17:33:27 fib1618: until then
2016-05-24 17:33:47 fib1618: we remain disciplined and allow the market to tell us what it wants, needs, to do next
2016-05-24 17:33:51 fib1618: let me check the BETS
2016-05-24 17:35:23 fib1618: solid support in the NAUD data with its EMA compression
2016-05-24 17:35:58 fib1618: need to check again
2016-05-24 17:37:25 fib1618: +45
2016-05-24 17:37:43 fib1618: and we're within a week of really seeing some high numbers
2016-05-24 17:37:50 fib1618: that is
2016-05-24 17:37:54 fib1618: if the recent strength continues
2016-05-24 17:38:10 fib1618: also remember
2016-05-24 17:38:17 fib1618: we have a holiday weekend coming up
2016-05-24 17:38:35 fib1618: so many traders will be closing their books on Thursday and take a extra day
2016-05-24 17:38:49 fib1618: for now
2016-05-24 17:38:59 fib1618: let's see if we get follow through
2016-05-24 17:39:03 fib1618: and we'll go from there
2016-05-24 17:39:05 fib1618: anything else?
2016-05-24 17:39:14 mojave: tks as always
2016-05-24 17:39:36 fib1618:'s nice to see some action for a change
2016-05-24 17:39:47 thespookyone: bet, lol
2016-05-24 17:40:11 fib1618: the market was lulling everyone to sleep it would seem
2016-05-24 17:40:25 fib1618: trading ranges are blah
2016-05-24 17:40:34 fib1618: more fun when we're trending
2016-05-24 17:40:41 fib1618: maybe we'll get one soon enough
2016-05-24 17:40:57 fib1618: OK...if there's nothing else
2016-05-24 17:41:00 fib1618: I'm going to take off
2016-05-24 17:41:05 fib1618: everyone have a great couple of days
2016-05-24 17:41:14 fib1618: and we'll see how things look on Thursday
2016-05-24 17:41:16 fib1618: good night

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"As for it being different this time, it is different every time. The question is in what way, and to what extent" - Tom McClellan

"An economist is someone who sees something happen, and then wonders if it would work in theory" - Ronald Reagan

"What we see depends mainly on what we look for" - John Lubbock

"The eye sees only what the mind is ready to comprehend" - Henri Bergson

“Answers are easy; it’s asking the right questions which is hard” - Dr. Who - 1977

"You know the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common - they don't alter their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views (which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering)" - Dr. Who - 1977

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