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The double 9 to 1 Zweig buy signals have been very potent since the March 2009 bottom.  Besides that one there have been several other reliable signals since with the most recent being at the August bottom.  I don't know if today's should be construed as a new signal or a continuation of the August
signal.  My concern about this current signal is how extended many stocks are now as the chart pattern in the link below is becoming very commonplace.   If anything perhaps we just consolidate for most of December and then lift off again in the New Year.  But then who knows. 
If you go beyond the Dow and S&P,  2010 has been a pretty darn good year for most stock indices with returns approaching 20%, yet amid a continuous chorus of skepticism and disbelief.

A reminder since this indicator has been curve fitted to the max since Zweig set out the original rules.  Intervening 9 to 1 down days between two 9 to 1 up days does not negate anything.  I would say if anything does need to be changed since Zweig's work in the 80s it is the time period should be changed to one month from three months.  There is a thread somewhere on this board where Randy did extensive research on Zweig's 9 to 1 days.

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