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The NYSE breadth MCO (series of bottoms above bottoms), new NYA 52 week  lows, NYA stocks above their 50 and 200 day moving averages, PC ratios, all showing positive divergences with the January low.

Of particular interest was the 1492 record number of new lows logged in last month, it was the highest number of new lows since the beginning of the bull market and the third highest number on record! Today's new lows jumped by a hefty 464 to close at 638 still far from that record setting day on 1/20. It would take a market meltdown and a really ugly breadth day to exceed the initial January dump particularly the 1492 new 52 week lows.

All that happens is symbol, and as it represents itself perfectly, it points to the rest.----GOETHE

Money knows what money likes...and money likes to make more money.---fib_1618

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