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Feb 6

Darris introduced this and several other TICK "tools" in the chat room during January.

the 1-minute TICK chart for the NYSE shown below displays:

1.  the full regular session action for Feb 5 and Feb 6, showing pacific time zone hours

2.  the 195, 390 and 780-period ema's of this 1-minute TICK data represent, respectively -

     half day
     full day
     two days

3.  two types of observations regarding the configuration of the TICK ema's, which a trader can use to assess strength of trend -

    bullish or bearish configuration to each other

    when they cross the zero line, singly or collectively
          - in Thursday's case, the time of day the 195-period ema crossed above the  zero line
 happened to be the same general time period in which both of the NYSE breadth ratios (not shown below)
surpassed the 1 to 1 ratio value, indicating a turn from negative to positive breadth


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